14.05.2017.Written by Marc

Does your company must have a profile on social networks?

People are increasingly present in social networks (mainly Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), this is the main reason why your company should be present in these networks, we must be where our customers and users.

53% of companies actively use social media to reach new customers.

If we reach our potential consumers, we need to adapt our strategy to their habits. If such trends as social networks, we have to be present.

Gain visibility, position and improve our brand reputation.

If you have a great profile but nobody sees it, not worth anything. Leave in for visits and followers. To do this you can make payment campaigns, invite all your contacts to follow us and do recommend it to theirs. This is the best way to grow exponentially. Maybe not generate direct sales, but of indirect and enhance our reputation.

Another reason to be present in these networks is that if our competition is already there, gaining followers, was positioning their brand and generating influence that we are not considering.

A profile in social networks online presence is enough for my company?

Not everyone is present in social networks and search engines like Google are still one of the main sources from which they can receive visitors online. That is why Your company must have a websiteBoth to ensure their presence on the Web, such as improving its image.

To summarize, your company should have a profile on social networks, assesorats provided by an expert to be the maximum effective and always remember that have a profile on these networks is not everything.